Can This Dog Actually Sing? Or Is She Crazy? Judges Are Baffled!

dog xfactor
Dog on "X-Factor"

There are a couple of funny and amazing videos of dogs and cats singing on YouTube. And I need to add they are really fascinating to watch. Especially for people like me who are fond of animals.

Have you heard of this Husky who can sing better than Justin Bieber? Well, of course, that’s exaggerating the fact. But this dog can really howl in tune like he’s actually singing.

Check the picture below and look at his face. He is even singing with emotions! I love this dog so if you want to watch him, go head to this link.

But if the Husky above can sing, so can other pets, right? If one dog can do that, then it is possible for the others to be able to sing too.


That’s why when this 59-year-old woman stood on the “X-Factor” stage, I really thought that I was in for an amazing treat while chilling in my bed.

I was so prepared to be stunned at another dog talent. However, it wasn’t what I was expecting! Here’s what happened.

Diana and Jazz walked up to the “X-Factor” stage, promising the judges they are going to sing. The jurors were, of course, skeptical that the tiny doggie can actually sing.

But Diana was so firm and confident to say that they were going to sing a duet. Confused, Simon Cowell asked if they really are a duo. To which, the woman answered yes.

Simon even probed to know how long have they been performing as a duo. And believe it or not, this lady claimed that the dog started singing from the day it was born. So they have been singing for seven years now.

At that point, I was hopeful that she was just confused by the question. I was still hoping that she would surprise the judges and audience with a remarkable number. But turned out, I was wrong.

Singing Husky
Singing Husky

Continue to see the video and judge for yourself..


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