Girls Answer Questions About Love And They’re Totally Relatable


Have you ever been cheated on? What’s the most awkward way you’ve broken up with somebody? These are some questions girls had to answer on a YouTube video by LadyLike. Their responses are totally relatable.

Have you been cheated on?

Some women may keep it to themselves but the truth is, they have been cheated on once or twice (or even more than twice) in their lives. Maybe because it’s not something to be proud of. Who would want to be cheated on, anyway?

But there are women who are vocal about being cheated on. And there are some who are just really lucky to have not experienced this.


In the video below, one lady claimed that nobody has yet cheated on her. But she had some boyfriends who broke up with her. Girls, it’s actually better if your man just called it off than finding another woman while you’re together.

What’s the most awkward way you’ve broken up with somebody?

One lady from the video revealed that the most awkward way she had broken up with a guy was when his ex-boyfriend brought her flowers. But unluckily for that man, she was no longer interested in keeping the relationship going.

So this girl’s response to her ex-boyfriend’s present was: “I think we should break up.” Ouch! Have you done something like this too?

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

Surprisingly, one of the girls answered that her best date was going to a buffet! Oh, food is life! I totally can relate to that.

But if you’re no foodie, you might relate to this girl whose best date was going to the movies and walking around Union Square. That’s a sweet, simple and chill kind of a date!

Sometimes it’s just fun and relaxing to watch videos like this that discuss something about love that’s not stressful in any way. Nowadays, there are a lot of clips about how to heal a broken heart or how to get over your ex. But this video is refreshing. Check it out!


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