Would You Believe This Girl Remembers Her Past 10 Lives?


Do you believe in reincarnation? This girl who remembers her past 10 lives might convince you that it’s true.

Though it sounds strange, a girl named Joey Verwey started telling stories about her previous 10 reincarnations when she was three years old. Her stories were amazing and exciting but very unusual as they were really detailed. A three-year-old can’t memorize a comprehensive narrative at her age, right?

Therefore, her parents sent her to see parapsychology professors, reincarnation gurus, regressive hypnotherapists and investigative journalists when she turned five. Surprisingly, all these people she regularly concluded that the girl is distinct proof that reincarnation is for real.

The young kid has several memoirs but the most convincing is her recollection of her past self as a grandchild of President Paul Kruger of Africa. She said she had two husbands and 10 children. Investigators then found that these people were real and one of her children was still alive at the time.


So the girl met her former self’s child who was already in her nineties and the two had a very compelling conversation. You’ll be dumbfounded to know that the old woman instantly remembered her mom in Verwey at their first meeting. They then talked about their family history as if the girl was really there as the old woman’s mother.

The child also told stories about her first life as a cave dweller. To prove that her tale is not fake, she reportedly led investigators to a number of caves in South Africa. And interestingly, she had never been into those caves in her current life. Yet, she knows how to get there.

Verwey also claimed that she lived as an Egyptian slave in one of her past lives. She was able to describe what a slave galley looks like and she even knows the ancient method of making roads in Egypt through the use of stones. Still unconvinced with her story?

Reincarnation is a philosophical or religious concept that’s yet proven scientifically. If several other kids or people will tell stories like these, science may one day find an answer to why this is happening. For now, let us know whether or not you believe in reincarnation by dropping a comment below.


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