Young Girl Bravely Fought Off An Alligator Attack; She Knew Exactly What To Do


A young girl made the headlines when she bravely fought off an alligator attack at a lake in Moss Park Orlando. Thanks to her recent trip to Gatorland, she knew exactly what to do.

The 10-year-old girl was admitted to Nemour’s Children’s Hospital quickly after she saved her leg from the alligator’s bite. The child revealed that she was just swimming in about 2 feet of water when the gator suddenly came out and bit her.

But you wouldn’t believe how alert this kid’s mind is. She didn’t panic and instead, she hit the animal on its forehead so it would let her go.

However, her Plan A didn’t work. So she remembered a plan Gatorland taught them on their recent field trip.


What the girl did is really brilliant. It was simple, yet life-saving! She stuck her two fingers into the nose of the alligator to suppress its breathing. When the animal wasn’t able to breathe, it opened it’s mouth so the kid was able to move her leg out.

The child, of course, was afraid at first. But she claimed she knew exactly what to do. Because of that positivity and mind alertness, she was able to save her own life from a possible grave danger.

Fortunately, the alligator’s bite didn’t cause too much damage on her leg. She has some stitches and bruises, though.

But the kid is now recuperating at home. She can walk and soon, she’ll be better.

This girl from Florida just proved that staying alert can save lives. And also, field trips are so educational so you guys need to listen to what tour guides and educators say during your trip.

What can you say about the girl’s brave move? Would you have thought of her idea if you were in her position? Share your thoughts below!


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