Girl Can’t Pick Her Clothes So She Dialled 911 And The Rest Of The Stories Are Hilarious!


The 911 team is packed with competent call responders and a team of reliable police officers for different emergencies. They are prompt in answering your calls and emergency needs. But you shouldn’t mess with them. Calling 911 for non-emergency purposes is considered a crime.

However, if you are an innocent toddler who thought 911 could give all the assistance you need, well I am sure they would let it pass. Like what they did to these 5 children who dialed the number for some funny and cute reasons. See them below.

This 4-Year-Old Boy Needs Help With Math

A boy dialed 911 to ask for help on a very difficult subject, Math. And the topic? Take aways!


The little kid sounded problematic with his homework and really needed someone to assist him. He almost got the answers to his Math problems until his mother found him and cut the call.

“You said if I need help to call somebody,” the boy said. “I didn’t mean the police!,” the mother replied. So funny!

Kindergarten Schooler Got Curious If 911 Actually Exists

A girl who was at Kindergarten called 911 to find out if the number is really working as she learned about it from school that day. The child sure listened attentively and her curiosity led a 911 deputy to their home.

Upon meeting the deputy, the girl ran and hugged her and said she felt a little scared and excited. But on that same day, she learned that she’s not supposed to call 911 unless there’s an emergency situation.

Picking Her Clothes Was Too Hard And 911 Had To Rescue

Another toddler thought 911 could help with everything and so, she dialed the number to ask assistance on picking her clothes. A 911 responder arrived to make sure everything was okay and saw the little girl with one pant leg on.

The lady police officer was glad to help the girl with her clothes and even fixed her shoes. This left a big smile on the kid’s face.

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