You Might NOT Eat These Foods After Knowing How They Are Processed

Foods process
How foods are processed

What’s in your favorite meal? Do you know where the ingredients come from? The reason I asked is I discovered that some goods we commonly consume are produced in ways beyond our imagination. Knowing how these foods are processed might convince you not to eat them again.

Prime Cut Meats


A Prime Cut, as the name suggests, is generally a single cut from a premium quality meat. This isn’t so bugging because there’s nothing wrong with eating a portion of a prime meat.

But what you may not know is that Prime Cuts are merely leftover meat that is glued together using a transglutaminase. Yikes! Apparently, food producers glue low-quality meat together to let consumers believe they are buying a full piece.


Disgusting? If that sounds sickening to you, then you might find the next information stomach-churning. Apart from using synthetic meat glue, Prime Cut meat producers also add ammonia to such foods.

To recap what your Science teacher taught years ago, ammonia is a refrigerant gas made of nitrogen and hydrogen. Commonly, it is used in fertilizers and household cleaners. Just imagine eating this chemical brings me discomfort.

But these people behind the production of Prime Cuts reportedly argue that ammonia is necessary to fight E. Coli. Hence, they decided to add some of it in the meat. Having said that, it’s best to be mindful about the steak you’re eating. After reading this, you might not want to eat anything labeled Prime Cut, am I right?

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