Which Eyeliner Hack Product Gives The Best Cat Eye Wing?


Got some budget for a new eyeliner? See Safiya Nygaard’s YouTube video where she did a cat eye wing makeup using three eyeliner hack products. The result is so pretty but not too perfect. But, still pretty! So check it out!

In the video, Saf tested three eyeliner hack products called Liner Designer Pro by Beauty Blender, The Vamp Stamp, and the Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils by Beth Bender Beauty. You may also notice her amazing lip color and if you want to try it, it’s Colourpop’s Mess Around. Oh, we learn a lot from Saf, don’t we?

Anyway, back to the eyeliners! First, Saf tried the Liner Designer Pro. It’s a tiny makeup tool that looks like a guitar pick that’s made of rubber. It is placed inside a case that you can also use as a magnifying mirror.

She used the straight-laced edge of the makeup tool and placed it on the angled corner of her eye to make a cat eye wing tip. To complete the look, she used the curved side of the tool and traced the line on top of her eyelid.


The result? It’s good because you’ll definitely end with a cat wing eyeliner but you need to find the perfect angle on where to place the Liner Designer Pro tool. It might also be challenging for you to line the top of your eyelid using the other side of the tool so it will take more practice and patience!

Next is The Vamp Stamp. It actually appears to be a very easy tool to use because it’s just a stamp. Saf did a cat eye wing stamp using the tool and she managed to come up with a good stroke though it took her a little time.

And now for the last product, the Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils! This one comes with a lot of stencils and you really need a lot because it seems unlikely for you to get the perfect cat eye wing stroke on your first try.

Saf used it as a cat eye wing stencil and it was pretty cool! The stencil sticks on your eyelids so you just have to paint or line using your eyeliner. You have to be very careful, however, because overlining it could result in a not so perfect eyelid curve.

So who’s the winner in this cat wing eyeliner challenge? For Saf, it’s The Vamp Stamp! But, if you have already tried any of these products, leave us a comment below and tell us how it worked for you!


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