Energy Drinks And The Hidden Dangers Of Taking Them

Energy drinks and the dangers it pose to one's health

Energy drinks give us energy. Who doesn’t want a boost every morning? But studies say it has hidden dangers that you should know about. Check them out below.

Special drinks formulated to give us energy are said to have harmful effects on our health. Previous studies have said it, they pose risks and disadvantages in one’s body. And these studies are being reviewed continually. That’s why the latest research claimed that it is best

totally ban children and teenagers from drinking it.

What are energy drinks and what does it contain?

Energy drinks are formulated drinks that are said to give you an instant kick. Most if not many office workers get a sip of it every day because it really helps to keep you moving. Especially on days when you fell short of sleep.


But did you know that this drink is made up of water, sugar, caffeine, vitamins, and minerals? It also has stimulants such as guarana, taurine, and ginseng.

Looking at the ingredients, you may think that the drink is no harm. However, the amount of each ingredient is the interesting part.

Though it may differ per brand, some contain as much as 100mg of caffeine per fluid ounce, which is equivalent to 12 times more than a usual cup of coffee. Imagine that! To recall, the recommended amount of caffeine for adults is only 400mg while there no limit have been set for children yet.

So how does energy drinks harm our health?

Well, the sugar and caffeine intake is the culprit. The amount of those ingredients is the source of how badly it can harm our bodies. It can be the cause of health issues such as palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach aches, irritation and even stress.

Additionally, energy drinks are found to cause problems in physical and mental health. These are kidney problems, obesity, heart trouble, increased blood pressure and anxiety. The long-term effects are actually greater in impact than its short-term benefit – the instant boost.

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