Former Drug Abuser Mauled By Lions And It’s The Intervention He Needed


It was not an accident. The video on the next page shows a random guy who intentionally jumped into a lion’s enclosure at a zoo in Taipei. And oh! There were two huge cats waiting for him.

A 46-year-old man was mauled and bitten by a male lion when he suddenly popped inside an animal enclosure. Reports said that he was mentally unstable at that time. The culprit? Amphetamines and alcohol abuse.

Inside the animal’s home, the former drug abuser took off his jacket and waved it to catch the attention of the big wild cats. The lion then quickly grabbed the jacket from his hands.

Yet, this strange person was unfazed and made no attempt to escape after the first attack. He stood there waiting for the lion to charge again.


And so it happened. But the second attack was more dangerous. The man was mauled and bitten terribly.

The zoo official revealed that the lion has huge canines that can easily penetrate into a person’s arm. They are very strong and they can even take down an elephant! But this deranged guy had no idea what would happen to him when the lion attacks him for the third time.

In fear that the man will charge on the lion and vice versa, the zoo rescuers decided to tranquilize the poor animals. They also thought of giving the man a shot but they didn’t know the proper dosage of tranquilizer for humans.

Therefore, the best they can do is to shoo the lions away from the guy. The plan was a success. Using a high-pressure hose, the zoo officials fired water to keep the two huge cats at a safe distance.

The lion walked towards the position of the zoo rescuers, giving the tranquilizer shooter a good shot. In less than a minute, the animal went in his cage’s direction and calmed down.

This is not the end of the story, however. The female lion who was just watching them earlier also had her own plan. It stood by for a while and gazed at the fearless man, waiting for her chance to charge.

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