Here’s How To Drive Safely With Your Dogs


For security purposes, always keep your dog’s tag and collar on. Make sure it is the right and comfort fit and the details are updated. Also, bring along a toy or a blanket that your pet usually uses so he will be comfortable in the car with it.

How To Drive Safely With Dogs

But let’s shift to more safety guidelines when traveling with a dog, shall we? There are lots of movies and photos showing dogs sticking out their head in an open window of a moving car. Animals do love to breathe some fresh air.

However, them sticking their head out may impose some risks. It may cause eye injuries and really not safe.


Next, we also see doggies at the back ride of open trucks. This is a no no. If you needed to suddenly hit the breaks, they might bounce on the open field. Ouch! Possible results are severe injuries and death.

It is also vital to put them on carrier or anything that will strap them comfortably on the back seat. As mentioned above, road accidents can happen anytime so it’s best if they are tucked safe on their seat.

Lastly, do not ever leave your dog in a closed vehicle without any companion especially in hot weathers. They might suffocate and cause breathing problems. Worse, they could even die.

Now, I think we are ready to practice safe riding with our most beloved man’s best friend. I hope my tips helped you plan for your trip. So, what are your plans for the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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