Do You Know What Causes Hair Loss?


Have you been losing hair for a while now? If so, it’s best for you to go to the doctor to have your health checked! Hair loss, for one, can be caused by various underlying health problems that you may not be aware of. A video posted by The List on YouTube detailed some medical conditions that might affect your hair’s health too.

Undiagnosed thyroid problems could be the culprit behind hair loss. Thyroid glands release hormones that perform several functions such as metabolism regulation. When you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, you are likely to suffer hormonal imbalance.

Such hormonal imbalance may lead to hair loss. That being said, you have to check some other signs and symptoms of thyroid problems because you might be suffering from one. If you think you may have either of the two thyroid deficiencies, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about it.

Another health concern that’s related to hair loss is bacterial infection. Folliculitis, a type of bacterial infection that causes inflammation of the hair follicles, could lead to losing more hair strands than the usual.


Moreover, if you have just given birth, you might also suffer from postpartum hair loss. This reportedly affects up to 50% of women after giving birth and usually happens within the first five months. So basically if you have just given birth and are losing a lot of hair, you may not need to go to the doctor for this one.

If you pass the above mentioned conditions, then there’s a chance that you just lack enough vitamins and minerals. Iron deficiency and too much of vitamin A could lead to hair loss. High levels of stress may also play part in your loss of hair too.

Finally, older women may experience hair loss when they are in menopause. This is because of the decreased levels of estrogen. But still, the better approach is to seek medical attention when you are experiencing significant hair loss. It is helpful for you to have a more accurate diagnosis and cure to your hair problem!

For the men out there, well the preceding applies but there are many more factors involved. You could just have male pattern baldness and there is little one can do for that. There is always specialized hair loss clinics though if you have the funds for that!

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