Do Spicy Foods Help You Live Longer?


You may have heard the news that people who eat more spicy foods have higher chances of living longer lives. Though it may sound unbelievable, there are studies that actually back up this claim.

A group of researchers gathered data from more than 16,000 people and surveyed how they were living and how some of them died. The data covered the years from 1988 to 1994 and the findings suggested that eating spicy foods could be associated with longer lives.

The researchers concluded that there is a 13 percent reduction in deaths among those who eat spicy foods. It is important to note, however, that the group behind the study does not directly say that eating spicy foods will give you longer lives.

What they mean to say is that the consumption of spicy foods may be related to long lives. But even without this claim, there are health benefits in eating spicy foods such as red hot chili pepper.


Studies claimed that eating pepper could lower the risk of cancer and diabetes. It could also prevent obesity or the condition of being overweight. That alone is worth it. Less obesity, longer healthier lives right?

Pepper may also aid in cardiovascular, bladder and gastrointestinal health problems. With all that being stated, it is safe to say that adding pepper to your meal may do you good than not taking any at all.

Moreover, pepper is actually safe from rodents and fungus, reportedly. That’s because it has seeds that contain capsaicin, a component that keeps such pests away.

It is not necessary for you to train yourself in eating spicy foods like pepper though. You can eat healthy amounts that your body can tolerate as every human body is unique and has different needs too.

If you don’t like spicy foods, maybe you can try to incorporate them in your daily meal gradually if you also believe that it may lengthen your lifespan. Who doesn’t want to live long anyways?


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