Do Children Know How Babies Are Made?


As parents we assume these adorable little children don’t know where babies come from. Is this true though? Do children know how babies are made?

In an interesting interview conducted by the team behind Jimmy Kimmel’s show, we learned that most children are not aware on how babies are made. Most of them smiled when asked about it while there are those who seem to have a little idea on how their parents make babies. This would seem to be appropriate of course!

The first question was for a little girl who was asked, “Where do babies come from.” The girl was quick to respond, “ladies tummies.” But you will definitely hear the wondering tone in there, which implies that she is not even sure about her answer.

It didn’t end there though. The interviewer asked whether ladies eat the babies to which the little girl answered, “no.” Of course, the girl knows that their moms didn’t eat them before they were born. Even if she can’t fully explain it, she knows her mom just got pregnant that’s why she was born.


There’s one funny answer from another kid too. When asked how babies are made, this girl just replied, “boobs.” I don’t know where she got her answer from but she came up with the idea that babies are made from boobs. Interesting, cute, and funny!

But there are also children who seem to have an idea on how they were actually made. One girl answered that babies are made when her mom and dad make love. She can’t explain it further but at least she knows that it starts with making love, right?

Interestingly, there’s this boy who related making babies to what he saw in the movie “Star Wars.” For him, it’s gross and painful according to the scene he watched from the movie. Can you guess which part of the film he’s referring to?

Overall, children are not aware how babies are made. They are meant to enjoy their childhood at the moment and that’s normal. Sooner or later, they will learn this kind of things as they grow and reach maturity. Let’s hope that isn’t to soon.


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