DIY Project: Design Your Old Plain Shirts With Iron On Patches!


Do you have some old boring clothes untouched in your closet? I do! I actually own a lot of tops and skirts that I don’t use because I just find them too plain.

I actually thought of just throwing them away. But then I realized I can do something with them. My brilliant idea? Another DIY project on designing old plain shirts with iron on patches!

I was so thrilled to start my DIY project so I researched where I can buy cute iron on patches. There are actually many designs you can find on Amazon and Etsy. The patches are just cheap and they are all adorable! I bought a lot!

Then, I checked YouTube on how to properly attach iron on patches on clothes. Because I don’t want to mess my first iron on patches DIY project. Luckily, I stumbled upon the video below that taught me how I can effectively mount my pretty patches on my shirts.


The process is just very flawless. You don’t need to have special skills to do it. And to guide you in this DIY project, I listed the step by step procedure below.


  1. Lay your shirt flat on the ironing board.
  2. Put a cloth under the shirt. This is important as the glue from the patch can sometimes leak through.
  3. Place the iron on patches where you want them to stick.
  4. Top the patches with a piece of clean paper.
  5. Run the iron on top of the paper while gently pressing on the patches.

The iron on patches should be glued on your clothes now. But to make sure they remain in place for a longer period, you can reverse the shirt and iron from the other side.

You’re done! Wear your shirt and show it to your friends and family!

Did you like this DIY project? What other tips can you share on designing old plain shirts?


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