This Disgusting Habit Might Stop You From Using A Hotel Kettle

Hotel kettle
Some people use the hotel kettle during check-ins to boil their underwear.

It has been brought to my attention that a disgusting thing is apparently going on inside hotel rooms everywhere. And I feel obliged to share this to you to warn you about the gross stuff that some people do with the innocent kettle that’s sitting on top of your hotel desk.

In case you missed it, a breaking news has shocked the internet concerning kettles that we love to use to enjoy hot beverages at hotels. Some people are reportedly using the said kitchen equipment to boil their underwear. Wait, what?

It’s quite a revelation, isn’t it? Apparently, there are hotel guests who clean their undies through boiling it using the hotel kettle. Without considering the fact that first, it’s gross and second, it’s unethical and third, I believe it’s wrong and irresponsible.

Well, it is kind of a bright idea to boil an underwear to clean it and get rid of bad microorganisms in it. But what about the next guests who would use the same kettle? That’s really super super gross!


What makes it more gruesome is the fact that experts said boiling something doesn’t kill ALL microorganisms. To put in other words, if you boil your undies in a kettle, the bacteria from the underwear could stay and remain in the kettle.

So imagine how potentially dangerous it would be for the next user of that kettle. Isn’t it so so gross that you might be ingesting bacteria from someone else’s underwear? Oh, I really don’t want to elaborate on that further as I am sure you know what I mean. It’s disgusting, indeed.

Actually, reading the news made me regret having a cup of tea in every hotels I visited. But yeah, I cannot undo what’s done and luckily, I am still well and don’t feel sick at all.

However, it is still sickening to think that there are people who continue doing this. I mean, you can always wash your underwear at home. Or better yet, bring disposable undies.

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