Crying Is Good For You And Here’s Why


How often do you cry? Have you noticed yourself spending more time crying than finding the solutions to your problems sometimes?

Well, it’s normal to cry and here is why. For one it’s how you express emotions and there are situations when all you need is to just let it all go through. If you think crying makes you weaker than others, you’re wrong. Crying has its health benefits and it is actually good for you according to researchers. So there!

A group of researchers conducted a study on a group of people to determine how crying while watching a movie affects their mood. The findings showed that people who cry have high chances of being happy after expressing their emotions. Wow, literally letting go can make you happier!

In the research, those who cry during the films showing reported feeling upset while watching. However, they felt better, happy and were even in a better mood after 90 minutes.


Those who didn’t let the tears flow while watching the films, on the other hand, reported the same level of emotions from the beginning up to the end of the show.

This suggests that crying would allow a person to feel better after the release of negative emotions. Why does an individual tend to feel happier after the tears? For one, crying releases stress as per studies. When stress is released, toxins are flushed out through tears too.

Also, crying itself promotes the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the human body’s natural painkillers. When endorphins perform their role, pain goes away. Thus, making an individual feel better and comfortable.

Not only that. Crying brings tears to your eyes and your tears are actually germ killers too. Tears have antibacterial properties that kill all forms of bacteria in less than 10 minutes. It also act as lubricant that combat dryness and relieve blurry vision.

I knew tears helped lubricate your eyes, but antibacterial? I had no idea! I love learning new things! Watch the video below for more facts.

Are you convinced that crying is good for you? Share your thoughts below!


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