Huge Baby Condor Returned To Visit Its Rescuer; Their Reunion Will Melt Your Heart

Huge Baby Condor
Huge Baby Condor Cannot Forget Its Rescuer

In the darkest times of our lives, there are people who come to us unconditionally to lend a helping hand. Usually, it is during these difficult moments when we form a deeper bond with those who were there when we needed help the most. And similar to humans, animals can never forget the folks who came to their aid through the course of their weakness and frailty. Like this huge baby condor who returned to a home in Argentina only to pay a visit to a man he considers as his rescuer.

Edgardo, a ranch owner in Lancoupe, Argentina, found a baby condor in his backyard earlier this year. The poor bird was in great pain as one of its legs was severely wounded. Seemingly, the condor fell from its mother’s nest and was injured in the process.

Because of the bird’s condition, Edgardo’s only option was to take it home and nurse its wounds. But the man is no expert in treating animal injuries. So he reported the incident to the local wildlife authorities who revealed that the condor was just born in October last year and must have fallen from its mother’s nest.

The local wildlife then willingly assisted Edgardo on how to care for the animals and allowed him to keep it until the bird reaches optimal health. Since then, Edgardo and the baby condor he calls Condorito bonded happily as the bird recuperates.


Slowly, the bird started to heal and perform normal activities such as feeding. However, it was a bit uneasy to train the condor to eat by himself as it is not released into the wild yet. So, Edgardo thought of not disposing of dead animals in his backyard to allow the bird to eat them as if it was hunting in the wild.

Everything went pretty well and the huge baby condor soon learned how to fly. And after nestling at Edgardo’s property for a couple of months, it finally left the man’s Argentina home to live a bird life.

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