The Most Brutal, Horrifying Facebook Live Ever! This Will Leave You In Tears



A man from Thailand live-streamed himself as he murdered his daughter on Monday. And after a couple of minutes, he proceeded to take his own life as well. This could be the most brutal and horrifying Facebook Live feed you’ll ever see.

Wuttisan Wongtalay took to Facebook Live and showed the world how he killed his own daughter. He wrapped a rope around the poor child’s neck and dropped her from a building’s rooftop. He then did the same on himself and committed suicide.

The police officers were about 45 minutes too late. They found Wongtalay and the girl hanging from the side of the building, lifeless.


Jiranuch Trirat, the mother of the kid and wife of Wongtalay, had no idea that something like this will happen. Earlier that morning, she fled from a heated argument with her husband because of a jealous rage. Little she knew that it will be their final fight and the last time she will see her daughter.

Because of the said argument, Trirat had to leave the house, fearing that her husband would hurt her. But when she got home, no Wongtalay and baby girl welcomed her. She went looking for them but to no avail.

It was only around 5:45 p.m. when she decided to check Facebook and saw the disturbing video. She immediately called for help but there’s nothing they could do at that point anymore. Her family is already dead.

The Facebook Live video remained on Wongtalay’s personal page for 24 hours. But reports claimed that Facebook initiated to take it down. It’s the best thing to do as something like that shouldn’t be broadcasted on social media.

It’s so sad to see a couple’s argument result in a brutal and horrifying murder. It’s unbelievable for a father to take his own daughter’s life for whatever reason. There are no words to express how hurtful it is for Trirat and the families of the victims.

Check out the video below and watch the animated reenactment of how the man killed his daughter. Share your thoughts in our comments section. 


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