Brain Tumor Survivor Turned Ice Cream Mogul


Following her surgery, Grace devoted her time on her small company that has now turned into a big family business.

Two years ago, Grace was diagnosed with brain tumor that required surgery. As per her mother Melissa Schneider, the tumor might have caused her death if it wasn’t detected early.

Interestingly, even when Grace was sick, she thought of having her ice cream business according to her father Michael Connor. And she luckily got what she wanted after her complicated condition.

Now, Grace runs almost everything in her own ice cream company. She reaches several consumers through online marketing and her ice cream brand also landed in eight grocery stores in Boston. Oh did I mention she is only 17!!


Grace delivers the ice cream jars herself with the help of Melissa who drives for her. Her ice cream sales reportedly reaches up to 15,000 pints per week.

Little G’s owner, however, Initially had no formal training in making ice cream. Or business for that matter. She just learned through cookbooks, the internet, and videos she watched from TV shows.

It was hard for her to cope with her condition but making ice cream apparently helped her to heal. And now, Grace is happily living her life with family and her small company, which she aims to expand more.

The young ice cream mogul dreams to take over the ice cream market and put her brand in all grocery stores in the country. Apart from growing her business, she also wants to pursue college after being out of school due to her medical condition.

We hope Grace becomes an inspiration to those currently battling certain diseases. Setbacks are only temporary so keep on fighting for your dreams and pursue your goals. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Seriously what is your excuse! Get out there and do it!

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