Beware Of These Illegal Meth Pops Disguised As Colorful Candies; Couple Sells Them To Kids?


Ryan Gosling once said: “Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.” Who wouldn’t agree to this famous actor?

Candies are the most wanted food treats for children and kids at heart. Those colorful and sweet goodies bring happiness, joy, and excitement to every single child in the neighborhood. Even adults are delighted to buy themselves candies for their own pleasure or for sharing with their young ones.

Remember the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?” I am sure even moms and dads were pleased watching how those delectable candies were manufactured. That’s because they, too,  must have enjoyed eating different kinds of treats in their childhood. Certainly, a single candy could bring a smile to anyone who has happy memories munching on the yummy sweets in the past!

This is why I was really surprised when I watched this news about a couple who used candies to distribute meth to their customers. I believe it is so wrong to disguise a dangerous drug into something that will entice kids as well. Let me share the full story below.


Reportedly, a Texas couple made a business out of meth formed into candies. The illegal drugs were molded into cute animal, flower and cartoon character shapes, mimicking the look of delicious lollipops and regular candies. A report said that these goodies were intended to be sold to kids and teenagers but police investigators think otherwise.

Apparently, the couple disguised meths as lollipops and candies to hide them from the police. It was not their plan to distribute the meth pops to kids but to deliver it to adult buyers.

The police officers said that it would be difficult to know that the candies are not real ones because of how they look. Therefore, the couple can easily transport them without being noticed by the authorities.

It was indeed a smart technique to be able to do illegal business and not be caught. But thanks to the couple’s neighbor. Their illicit business was busted.

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