Simply The Best Way To Use A Dangerous Kitchen Knife!

If you are like me, then that extra sharp knife in the kitchen is a dangerous tool. I cut myself all the time until I saw these simple tricks…
As you will see throughout the blog, there is one thing I like to share a lot of and that is kitchen tips. Why you might ask? Because I am terrible with even the most basic of skills in a kitchen. Yes I watch Food Network and Cooking TV and I want so badly to be able to make these succulent dishes for my loved ones.
Right now I cannot even make good food for my worst of enemies, but as the new year approaches I am determined to correct that. How? I am going to use the Internet to pick up on all the basic cooking skills required. After I find the best of the best I am going to share them with all of you!
The very first thing I wanted to focus on was using a kitchen knife. They are essential to cooking, yet are incredibly dangerous. So this handy video gives you all the tips you need to be able to start using a kitchen knife properly. Proper form is the right place to start!

Best way to learn to use a dangerous kitchen knife

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