Apple iPhone Top Secret Codes That Might Save You Precious Time


It appears a huge part of the United States population have been inclined to buy Apple’s iPhone ever since the first units arrived in 2007. The brand still dominates the country as the top-selling smartphone. At least that’s what reports say.

Despite this, not everyone who owns an iOS mobile device knows how to maximize their phone. I am speaking from experience.  I have owned an iPhone from a time I can’t remember anymore but I am guilty of not knowing some of the tricks and hacks that I think would really make my life easier. And save my precious time!

I also have changed iPhones multiple times now always upgrading. Because as you know, Apple keeps on releasing a brand new iteration of their device almost every year. However, even after upgrading my smartphone to a newer release, I can’t find time to study what the new mobile phones could do.

I just think they are more advanced. And that’s all I know. I don’t care how much it has improved and developed. I am not a techie person so I guess this is the reason why I don’t give much attention to it.


So when I saw this YouTube video by TechnoBuffalo, I caught myself dumbfounded by all the information I learned. Yeah, as I mentioned above, I am not a techie individual so simple things like these amaze me.

I know some of you will find it a no brainer because you already figured these things out a long long time ago. But for people like me who just uses iPhones for work purposes, stuff like these don’t just come knocking at our door every day. I mean, I won’t be able to discover them unless someone is kind enough to explain these features to me.

If you want to know more about what I am talking about, check out the video on the next page. I also detailed everything below in case you don’t have enough time to finish the clip.

Go to the next page to see the video.


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