Why Hamsters And Other Animals Eat Their Newborn


Okay, if you have taken care of hamsters and you’re happy that she gave birth. You were so delighted to see those tiny and cutie babies but the next day or two, they were nowhere to be found.

Though that’s quite sad, that’s not actually a new scenario because hamsters and other animals usually eat their newborns! Here’s why.

Hamsters and other animals eat their newborns occasionally. It may seem really weird but they have valid and logical reasons why they do so.

For hamsters, they usually cannibalize their young to control their population. The mommy hamster apparently wants to ensure that she can provide for her babies’ needs. And this is not possible if there’s too many of them. So if your hamster gave birth to a huge litter, expect that she will prey on some of her newborn.


Apart from hamsters, long-tailed sun skinks also devour their young. But the mother will only munch on her eggs during emergencies when predators just won’t give them peace. Therefore, the mom will just choose to eat all the eggs herself rather than letting the enemy do it. This decision is way better as the nutrients she can get from her own babies could help her body prepare for another pregnancy.

Another animal that also eats its own is a species of ray-finned fish called sand goby or polewig. However, it’s not the mother polewig who preys on the babies but the father. Male polewigs impregnate women for a period of time and gather all the eggs in a single nest. Then, he will have to watch and wait for all them to hatch before he can leave and find another mate.

When some of the eggs are taking a long time to hatch, the male polewig will just swallow them so he can be free. It’s a sacrifice he has to make to create more babies with several new women again. What?

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