7 Benefits You Can Get From Placing Lemons At Your Bedside Every Night


Lemon is a magical fruit. You may have seen your mom cut lemons and squeeze its juice to clean your counter tops. Or you may have used this fruit to make a DIY facial cleaner. And all of you in the house have certainly used lemon rinds in one of your baking recipes.

Pretty cool, right? All of those things you can do with this yellow oval fruit. And oh! I almost forgot!

Lemons are beneficial to our health. I’m sure you’ve tried lemon juice to alleviate your flu-like symptoms such as cough and colds. Am I right? And you also find it very effective, correct? Excellent for a sore throat in some tea with honey too right?

But did you know that we don’t need to eat or drink lemon to benefit from its therapeutic properties? Just a few slices placed near your bed at night time will help improve your health. Yes, that’s right!


No need to juice it. No need to make a tea or fruit shake out of it. Yet, it still can help you manage several health problems.

If this is interesting to you, I am glad you found this post. Today, I am going to detail what health benefits you can get just by leaving a few slices of lemons by your bedside. So read on to learn more!

Apparently, the unique aroma of lemons is not just pleasant to your sense of smell. It also promotes internal wellness. It can enhance air quality, repel insects and provide therapeutic benefits such as improving breathing, relieving stress, enhancing energy and mood, increasing focus and lowering blood pressure.

Let’s examine the benefits of leaving lemon slices at bedside below.

Air Disinfectant

Apart from leaving your room with a fresh citrus aroma, it can also fight bacteria in the air. Its acid content can kill bacteria, germs, and molds. Though lemons cannot remove these harmful agents 100 percent, it can definitely disinfect your room. Thus, lowering your chances of getting sick.

Insect Repellent

Not all bug sprays are pleasant to the nose. Thanks to lemons. You can now repel insects without the offensive smell of some commercial insect repellents. Just like citronella, the citrus scent of lemons keeps insects and bugs away. I am always creeped out by the thought of bugs around me when I sleep. If a lemon slice or two helps with this alone, count me in!

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