5 Brilliant Steps To Stop Sugar Addiction


Aiming to cut your love for sugar in order to live a healthier lifestyle? I get you. Sweets are so hard to resist. But reality check, sugar addiction is not good for your health.

Sugar, according to Wikipedia, is “the generic name for sweet, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food.” It comes from several sources such as natural plants like cane and sugar beet. The substance from these plants is extracted and refined to form a white crystalline product that’s being sold to the market as sweeteners for food, pastries, and juices called sugar.

Apart from sweetening your food, sugar can promote the release of dopamine in your brain. If you don’t know what dopamine is yet, it’s a neurotransmitter that’s responsible for the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. In other words, it regulates how a person should react emotionally and physically to rewards and pleasures.

Flooding the brain with dopamine may lead to addiction based on a certain reward or pleasure.  This is what happens in sugar addiction. A person who has been addicted to sweets find it more rewarding and pleasurable to eat more sugar without considering the dangers it can bring to their health.


If you believe you are experiencing sugar addiction, you need not worry much as there are simple techniques you can follow to save yourself. To help you with that, below are 5 brilliant steps to stop sugar addiction.

Step 1: Know that sugar and flour consumption yield almost the same effect on your brain and body.

When you start being conscious about your sugar consumption, you avoid sodas, candies, and chocolates, right? That’s good! However, you may divert your cravings to bread and pasta. And that actually won’t help you stop sugar addiction.

Bread and pasta are formed from flour. Flour is manufactured the same way the sugar is made. It is obtained from grinding and refining grains to a white substance just like sugar. What’s more is both sugar and flour have the same effect on your brain and body. Flour can activate dopamine release, which may lead to sugar addiction. 

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