Mayor Offers €2,000 In Exchange For Living In This Italian Village


Are you tired of driving on the busy streets every day? Do you think it’s time to move and live a simple life in a peaceful place? Good news! You can rent a home in this old Italian village and even get €2,000 cash in exchange for living there!

The mayor of Bormida is offering €2,000 to anyone who’s willing to move in a tiny village where only 394 currently resides. This is part of the mayor’s efforts to preserve the town.

Apparently, the village located in the mountainous region of Liguria in NorthWest Italy has seemingly become a ghost town judging by the number of its residents. 394 people in a town? Well, that’s hardly anyone!

This Italian village in Bormida is more than 50 miles away from the nearest major city, Genoa. Living in this town would transform your very busy life into a quiet and simple one. Especially when you’re surrounded by only less than 400 neighbors.


But the question is, was the population of this Bormida town really low since the beginning? Or did people just abandon the place? If they just left, what could be the reasons behind?

These questions may pop in your mind before deciding to relocate. But if in case these don’t matter to you, you can rent a home in this Italian village for only €12.50 per week. That’s quite a decent price, still.

So if you’re determined to relocate in Bormida, you better hurry up as it appears many people are interested after the mayor made his offer public on Facebook. If his plan pushes through, you can pack your bags and move to Italy in the next two months!

What are your thoughts on living in an old village located in a mountainous region? Do you think you can live there too?


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