‘13 Reasons Why’ Original Ending You’ll Never See


“13 Reasons Why” did not disappoint in depicting the reality behind teen mental health. And because it aims to show the world how serious suicidal attempts are, the main character Hannah had to die. However, author Jay Asher confirmed that it’s not the original ending he had in mind.

A YouTube video by “Huff Post” revealed that Asher didn’t want to kill Hannah in the novel. She has a relative who was able to survive from depression and a suicidal attempt, so it’s just fair for Hannah to achieve the same. In the original ending Asher prepared, Hannah just attempted suicide but managed to get through it.

But not killing Hannah, as per Asher, will drive the story away from its purpose. And that’s to give light on how serious suicidal behavior is. Very on point!

Hannah could have lived. But if she did, do you think the novel and the show will still receive the same response from the public? The ending was very climactic, dramatic, and definitely gives me the chills.


Maybe it’s the ending the story really deserves. So even if you wanted Hannah to live and get through her depression, sorry guys. Her character had to die to show you how important it is to pay attention to suicidal thoughts.

Well, “13 Reasons Why” indeed, is a powerful reminder that we should not ignore suicidal behaviors. Suicidal thoughts are dangerous and should be given enough attention.

Just like Hannah, many teens might be suffering from bullying and shaming. Some are even neglected by their own parents and families. So hopefully,  “13 Reasons Why” was able to raise awareness about what they are going through.

And also, if you know people who might be in the same situation, try to reach out and extend some help. You might be saving a life.

“13 Reasons Why” is a novel about Hannah, a teenage girl who committed suicide after recording her life in tapes. If you have not seen the series, you can binge watch on Netflix.


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