10 Practices To Invigorate Your Mornings


Mornings are made better with a cup of coffee and pancakes. But how can you prepare your breakfast when you’re too lazy to get out of bed?

We all had those days when we are too tired to even open our eyes in the morning. Life is hard. We need to sleep. And it’s hard to wake up when you only dozed off for four to six hours.

Science says we all need about seven to nine hours of sleep. But because of our busy lives, we tend to forget. We might not even have the option to sleep that much. We push ourselves hard to function each day without enough rest and sleep.

Therefore, we often wake up weary and ready to drop on the bed again. If this is your problem, it’s time to work on your habits. Don’t let yourself become exhausted every morning. Start every day fresh and packed with energy!


So here are 10 practices that may help invigorate your mornings. Try these tips and you’ll never have to wake up drained and deadbeat again.

Number 1: Go to bed early.

Sleeping early at night is the ultimate key to a fresher and healthier morning. When you make it to seven or eight hours of sleep, you’re sure doing a great job!

Number 2: Turn off your alarms.

Alarms are annoying, aren’t they? Imagine yourself in a deep calm state as you sleep then suddenly, you’ll hear a loud annoying noise. It’s not really helping, don’t you think?

Our brains apparently need enough time to wake up from its deep sleep state. Waking up to an alarm may shock your senses and as a result, you might just feel irritated. Maybe the best you can do is to allow your natural body clock to wake you up in the morning. It takes practice but you’ll get there.

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